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Top legislature hears law enforcement, economic reportsTime:2019/8/27 14:23:42

The Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC), China's top legislature, held a plenary meeting on Friday to hear reports on law enforcement and economic work. 

Li Zhanshu, chairman of the NPC Standing Committee, attended the meeting of its bimonthly session which runs from Thursday to Monday, and delivered a report on the enforcement of the water pollution prevention and control law. 

The meeting was presided over by Chen Zhu, vice chairman of the NPC Standing Committee, and attended by 165 members of the committee. 

The NPC Standing Committee has identified the enforcement inspection of the law as a priority of its supervision work, said Li when delivering the report. 

Noting that the enforcement of the law has achieved positive results on the whole, Li said more work still needs to be done. 

Legal responsibilities should be specified and delegated based on stipulations of the law, Li said, adding that science and technology should also be used to support the efforts. 

Governments, enterprises and the public should pool efforts to tackle water pollution, he said.